As a small business, we have been searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet and be more sustainable and eco friendly. Our goal is to reduce the waste produced from making and packaging our jewelry to a minimum and recycle the waste created in an eco friendly way.

Packaging: Choosing eco friendly packaging is one of the most important steps that we are taking in order to minimize the waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. Our jewelry comes in a cardboard box that can be used to store your jewelry pieces when you're not wearing them.
We use paper bags that can be recycled or reused, washi tape and paper tape instead of regular non recyclable tape, and we don't use any stickers.

Materials: We offer all of our jewelry in sterling silver 925 and 14K gold fill, so that they can last you a lifetime! If you don't want to wear your jewelry pieces anymore, donate them, pass them on to someone you love, or find someone who can properly recycle them.

Supplies: Supplies come wrapped in so much packaging. We request that our orders come in boxes instead of bubble mailers. We reuse the packaging and bags in storing jewelry or packaging other orders. Plus; we order our supplies in bulk in order to cut down on the environmental impact and emissions of shipping (although small but every effort counts).

How you can help us in our sustainability journey: Take care of your jewelry to prolong its life, reuse the cardboard box and packaging that your jewelry comes in, and recycle what you don't need. We would appreciate your help and efforts in helping us keep our environment clean!
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